Norfolk Ceilidhs

Who Norfolk Ceilidhs are

For many years the Reel Dance organization held regular public ceilidh dances with live bands at Keir Hardy Hall in Norwich, Norfolk.  In May 2014, Reel Dance was told that the hall was to be sold.  The dances had not been covering costs for some years and Reel Dance decided to take a rest from organizing ceilidhs in Norfolk.  

In October 2014, some of the people who used to go to ceilidhs at Keir Hardy had a meeting at the Forum and came up with a plan for running a new series of dances.   We looked at a wide range of halls but there were very few actually available that -

We were lucky to be offered the excellent dance floor at John Innes and by holding the dances on a Friday we are able to use the bar area at no extra cost.   We are grateful to the bands who have agreed to play for us and we have good numbers of people attending some excellent ceilidhs in 2105.

In order to get some dances organized in 2015 we had to make some decisions quickly, as both bands and venues are booked more than a year ahead.   We are open to suggestions and will review things during the year.  Please join our Google or Facebook groups to be kept informed and to provide feedback.   

There is more information for people who were previously on the Keir Hardy mailing list.